Augustans have nonviolent protests in response to George Floyd murder

In response to the recent murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd, Augusta University students have been participating in protests in the Augusta area. “Not much has changed [in terms of racism in America],” Francesca Collette-Hicks said, “Racism never went away; [now] it’s just being recorded.” After the video of Floyd dying while in police custodyContinue reading “Augustans have nonviolent protests in response to George Floyd murder”

DOA: Trump’s Executive Order

Although dressed in legal jargon and political atmospherics, media law scholars agree that President Trump’s executive order announced on May 28 is already dead on arrival. The order began by delving into the importance of free speech and the ability to publish content without platform interference based on political bias, which, in the case ofContinue reading “DOA: Trump’s Executive Order”

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

A sizable crowd of nearly 100 gathered in the rain outside of St. Joseph Catholic Church to process for the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration in Augusta, Georgia on December 13. All eyes were upturned at the statue of the Virgin Mary, enshrined in white roses and baby’s breath, as she was hoisted above theirContinue reading “Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe”

15 Minutes of the Day with Beth K.

Some people choose not to let their past affect their future. Beth Karas’ past shaped hers. Karas began working as an assistant district attorney (ADA) in New York City, and from that position realized her love for discussing court cases. After eight years as an ADA, Karas decided to resign from her position, and wantedContinue reading “15 Minutes of the Day with Beth K.”

Op Ed: ‘Heartbeat bill’ would shove crushing burden on college-age women

By Emily Garcia Let’s discuss an unpopular opinion in a red state. Brian Kemp’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ is screwing the young adults in Georgia out of their educations. Statistics show that the people needing abortions are overwhelmingly young people, a demographic whose interests are often underrepresented in Congress. According to Guttmacher Institute, in 2014 more thanContinue reading “Op Ed: ‘Heartbeat bill’ would shove crushing burden on college-age women”

Op Ed: But, They’re Family.

By Emily Garcia Familial pressure spikes around the holidays. It’s not necessarily an unexpected phenomenon, either. A common trope in holiday comedies is the protagonist binge-drinking eggnog or hiding in the bathroom to cope with overbearing in-laws. You invited extended family to share personal space; what did you expect? Yet, in every movie, it seemsContinue reading “Op Ed: But, They’re Family.”