Wolf of Broad Street: UGA community discusses squeeze on Wall Street short sellers

The tale of Robin Hood, a tights-wearing crusader whose credo was, “Steal from the rich and give to the poor,” dates back to the 15th century. Today, Robin Hood is more than a man, and his mantra is a movement. Wealthy investors intended to make a profit by short selling GameStop’s stock, but they didContinue reading “Wolf of Broad Street: UGA community discusses squeeze on Wall Street short sellers”

North Georgia farm fined $85K for wastewater spill, fish kill

A farm in Wilkes County, southeast of Athens, was fined $85,000 this month by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) for a leak that polluted state waters with ammonia, which killed an estimated 1,700 fish. A pond on the property of McAvoy Farms, also known as Mar-Leta Farms, leaked wastewater into a tributary of LittleContinue reading “North Georgia farm fined $85K for wastewater spill, fish kill”

Report: Right whale nearly extinct from vessel strikes, entanglement

For years, marine mammal conservationists have known the North Atlantic right whale population was in decline because of vessel strikes and entanglement in fishing gear. Now, newly released population estimates show the already-endangered species is on the brink of extinction. The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium (NARWC) has released new data showing that this speciesContinue reading “Report: Right whale nearly extinct from vessel strikes, entanglement”

Solutions to Athens’ housing crisis face setback, shortfalls

Editor’s note: This story is part three of a three-part series on the housing crisis in Athens. The series explores who is impacted, how the crisis happened and what the community and local government have done to mitigate the impact. Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here. Lakita Banks is desperate toContinue reading “Solutions to Athens’ housing crisis face setback, shortfalls”

Courts chip away at case backlog

Judge Jeffery S. Malcom likened the backlog of court cases in the Northern Judicial Circuit to an elephant that he and his fellow judges plan to eat one bite at a time. Malcom, who serves as chief judge for the Northern Judicial Circuit, said the circuit is holding extra trial weeks to make up forContinue reading “Courts chip away at case backlog”

Small steps for fire stations

Jehu Post, Beaverdam’s fire chief, isn’t sure he’d call the planning meeting between fire stations on Oct. 17 a unity meeting, but then again, he might. “If we (stations) all fall underneath the strategic plan, then we’re all working on the same page. … I guess that’s where the ‘unity’ word came into it,” PostContinue reading “Small steps for fire stations”

Fire departments take first step

Members of Oglethorpe County’s 15 fire stations took a first step on Monday to what Emergency Medical Services Director Jason Lewis hopes will culminate in a plan for cooperation and standardization. The firefighters met at the Courthouse in the first of three planned gatherings. “Us working together is the only path forward,” Lewis said. OglethorpeContinue reading “Fire departments take first step”

Dissatisfaction with Oglethorpe Ave. Elementary leadership runs deeper

Pajama day at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School was supposed to be fun. Attitudes about the event, which took place the day before winter break, quickly shifted after the school received a bomb threat and students and teachers were evacuated to a nearby church parking lot for two hours. The threat turned out to be aContinue reading “Dissatisfaction with Oglethorpe Ave. Elementary leadership runs deeper”

UGA graduate students advocate for repeal of special institution fee

The Franklin College’s faculty senate passed a resolution on March 23 written by the Graduate Student Council’s advocacy committee to signal support for eliminating the Special Institution Fee for graduate students at the University of Georgia. The resolution also encourages UGA to work with the University System of Georgia to eliminate the fee for allContinue reading “UGA graduate students advocate for repeal of special institution fee”